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LLPF Programs

Live Love Paint Foundation, Inc.’s mission is to connect with youth and young adults through art and engagement. By creating these positive interactions, we hope to not only provide a creative outlet but also empower youth to explore their own creativity and imagination. The key skills that will be addressed are creativity, confidence, problem-solving, focus, non-verbal communication, collaboration, and accountability. It is our hope that these creative interventions spark the imagination and creativity of participants to desire to learn more about art, explore working with different art mediums, graphic art, and/or develop an interest in pursuing a productive activity that they enjoy, that could also serve as a positive coping strategy.


Through our Afternoon Artists sessions, Art Speaks! Art Kits program, art contests, and virtual art exhibits, we provide creative learning experiences for youth and young adults that encourages self-expression, inventiveness, and creativity in both school and community settings in the Virginia Peninsula Community.


Art Speaks! Art Kits

We launched our Art Speaks! Art Kits program in October 2020 by distributing painting kits to youth and teens in Hampton, VA. Since that time, we have distributed over 800 kits throughout Hampton Roads, VA. We know that these art kits can serve as a creative outlet and also be a part of their healing process. 


We believe that the creative process can be therapeutic and can have a calming effect that can be used as a coping strategy. It can be a safe and healthy way to release stress. Providing these kits gives our youth access to art materials (and prompts) that they may not have access to. Youth and teens can use these kits to relax and explore different mediums in a new way in the comfort of their own home.


All of our activities are carefully planned with the purpose of enriching the lives of youth, teens and their families through art. The benefits of participating in creative activities are stress relief, builds cognitive and motor skills, enhances problem solving, and stimulates imagination. Every kit contains the art materials, a list of prompts to inspire and guide the artist in creating, and information about our organization.


Here’s our current list of Art Speaks! Art Kits that assist youth in discovering their artistic freedom: 

  • Painting

  • Drawing

  • Crafts

  • Craft & Paint

  • Greeting Cards

  • Art Journals

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